Is your story feeling a little flat? Here’s why it needs more conflict.

Conflict is the main source of change that engages a reader and drives the plot.

Conflict + Action + Resolution = Story (in a nutshell)

There’s two types of conflict: internal, which focuses on the psychological, and external, which focuses more on physical actions.┬áHere’s a little list that’s a mixture of both:

  1. Give your protagonist two motives. Then make them sacrifice one to achieve the other.
  2. Make your characters’ flaws a barrier in achieving their motive.
  3. Let the decisions your characters make be the direct cause of conflict even if they believed their decision would be beneficial.
  4. When giving your characters two choices, both should have positive and negative consequences.
  5. Let your characters be wrong every now and then.
  6. Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Do you have any surefire ways of adding conflict to your story?

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