How to Find Success as a Creative

We live in a bit of a weird time: we want to produce good art but we’ve also got more eyes on our work than our predecessors so we’re constantly receiving more feedback than they ever probably did. Likes, follower count, and book sales aside: how should we define and measure our success?

Breaking down the components of success make it seem simple. Too simple, since there’s only two parts. But the first step is the most difficult (at least for me). The first step is to know your identity. It’s easier to fill your role(s) when you know what makes you unique. And we all have multiple roles as an individual, a creator, a networker, a parent, a sister, etc. What can you provide in those roles that is true to you? What makes you right for those roles? Is it your passion? Your attention to detail? The way you see the world? Whatever it is, simplify it down and focus on that.

The final, and ongoing, step to success is to live your life in alignment with your identity. This helps you to fulfill and consistently keep up with your identity. It’s another way to keep your working social medias consistent in theme; an easier way to market yourself; a better way to narrow down all of your creative endeavors to know which ideas you should integrate in and which ideas you should ignore. This step also means re-evaluation of your identity because as we live, we change. And events can change us. Our priorities or purpose can shift and we must reflect that in our work to continue to be fulfilled.

Live simpler. Create more.


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