writing inspiration versus plagiarism

Inspiration Vs. Plagiarism: Where To Draw The Line?

Where does inspiration end and plagiarism begin?

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Epigraph Press Issue One FAZED Literary and Art Journal Cover

Read Epigraph Press, Issue 1: FAZED


Alicia Alcantara-Narrea | Beth Bowser | Casey Reinhardt | Chris Bullard | Edward Varga | Erica Wahlgren | Gergely Bukovinszki | Jeronimo Batista Rosa Chaveiro | Julian/Sara Mithra | Kate Bernadette Benedict | SaraEve | Vicente Muñoz | Yasuaki Okamoto

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What’s a Chapbook?

Find yourself scrolling through your friends’ social media feeds and seeing that one of your friends just published a chapbook? Getting recommendations to write your own chapbook? What is a chapbook?

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